Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To Dream the End

I want to tell you about my most vivid dream as of two nights ago. It is epic and frightening and any other adjective you can throw in that speaks of intense emotion and terror. Add to this the sense of realism that pervaded this nocturnal journey and you would have something akin to living out a Stephen King novel. I am still shaking. No hyperbole needed.
It all started with myself walking down a country back road near twilight. I was apparently scouting ahead a large crowd some distance behind me. The crowd looked to be hundreds or maybe thousands. I knew they were Christians like me. I was attempting to find us all a safe haven along the pasture and tree lined road ahead. I heard the sound of thunder in the distance and turned to look to my left and in the distance of the grassland I could see the silouettes of giants as they strode the grass in the distance. A shock of fear mixed with uncertainty filled my heart in that moment. I had never seen such a sight. I knew they were coming for us. Ahead of me I could see another flowing crowd of hundreds of people out in the pastures on the left side. I wondered to myself who they were and if they might help my people. As I grew closer I found a small camper trailer near the pasture fence and I saw a young woman enter it. I went and knocked on the camper door in a panic. No one answered. By that time a few people of the crowd from the pasture began to approach me. I ventured forth to greet them and they were all smiling. A group of them were holding a large leathery skinned creature above their heads. They seemed to be helping it in some way. It had a ghastly inhuman smile and deep set bright greenish eyes. Its skin was a uneven rust color. As I wondered what it could be one of the men, an older man. stepped forward. I asked him what the beings were in the distance and he declared that he did not know but they had help him and healed his wife. The old man said he was Catholic but somehow this new thing was different. He pointed to an older woman with a long gray silver pony tail that reached her ankles. It was tied with a ribbon at the back of her head. His comment had something to do with her hair. The rest of the people smiled but brushed me aside as if I were unimportant. No one else would answer my pleas for help or acknowledge me. As The larger crowd approached me I began to fear as there were creatures mixed in among the crowd. Creatures of every shape and description. short squat ones, tall thin ones. some with oblong heads and many different colors. Some looked like reptiles and others like aliens from some sci-fi movie. Some were transparent and others were as tall as trees or larger. As the creatures came closer I walked on to the other side of the road but they did not seem to notice me. In the air were flying beasts and others that resembled men but were not. A large host of them suddenly appeared in a cluster above the road and just floated there without the flutter of wings. Their eyes glowed as the looked past me to the throng of my people coming down the road. I knew they were waiting for them and I was fearful as to what would happen when my people arrived. Suddenly I awoke. I immediately went to the window to peer outside, expecting to see what I saw in my dream. I was shaking as if cold.
I do not know what it all means exactly except maybe in general. I feel in the dream and in life I have been sent ahead to scout out the future for my people, my brothers and sisters. In my journey I meet many who are deceived and have become friendly with demons and sin. I see the translucent creatures as spirits who are sent to deceive men. I see the flying and floating creatures as the powers and authorities, high and lofty, rulers of darkness as they seek to enslave all men to sin and their rule. In this dream I see the forces arrayed against Christians and how they seek to block our way. I know very soon we must face them. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.