Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Ragged Edge

We as Christians are about to step into a time long in coming. God has put the question before many of our hearts; "Is their truly purpose in what we are doing?"
If you have not asked this question about your Church or congregation now would be a good time to do so. You must take an honest moment for introspection and question your place in your Church and its place in this time. Ask questions like "Do I know what my goal/role as a servant of God is or could be? Am I effective and productive in Christ and to my fellows in any way? "Can I answer these same questions for my Church?" If these questions fall in to the void and leave you lost then you will understand why I refer to this as the Ragged Edge. Many Christians are awakening as from a trance and questioning what this "Christianity" thing is truly about. Why are there 38,000 flavors of Christianity? Why do they not agree as to our goals and purpose? Which one does God Favor? Am I in this congregation just because I like the people or because I was raised in it? Can I be sure where I am is of God? If you have never had any of these questions occur to you than there is not much I can do for you. You are programmed and the truth does not matter to you at all. As for the rest of you, please read on. The Ragged Edge is a place for those who are seeking the truth. They are no longer willing to settle for pat answers from stooges who sell the religion of institutional consumerism and complacency. The Ragged Edge is a steep cliff from which below lies an undiscovered country, a place where meaning and purpose meet. It is a fearful and uncomfortable place to be as the wind blows and you are beckoned to step off into what you cannot see or fully understand. All you know is that there has to be something more and and you are following God's invisible hand to see what life could be outside the known safety of the box you have found yourself trapped in. You are not alone. You are not crazy. You are not simply restless or rebellious. Their is a reality to find and Jesus will lead you there. Such are those of faith. They let this life go to trust Jesus for a better one. This is just the first step and it is a scary one but also necessary. As one who has scouted ahead there is a great deal of wonder, purpose, and meaning waiting in the valley below beyond the Jordan. Beyond the known. Across that barrier of mundane flesh is a unity of the faith and a pure Gospel message. There is healing and love and acceptance and most of all a future and it is eternal. Come study with me and we shall walk the road together with Jesus and together we will find all he promised. R.S. Neaville, Your Tour Guide.

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