Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The two great false witnesses

Militant Atheism and Militant Homosexuality. These are the two loudest and most hateful voices who actively preach against Christian values and beliefs. These do not ask for equal time rather they demand the censure of Christianity altogether and have proven that they will go to any length to win their own converts. They use the media, entertainment, music, institutions of higher learning (so called), and any other means they can usurp to spread their hateful propaganda. It is an unholy war for the mind and they are winning. Why? because they are more vocal and persistant than Christians and they employ strategies and methods that Christians would not. They lie and they spread hate in the guise of free speech and love. They publish books and make movies and TV programs that are nothing more than hateful propaganda in the guise of science and social change. They hate God and make no apologies for it. They do their best to make Christians look stupid or corrupt or even crazy. They teach men's theories as if they were fact (like evolution) and they try to reduce the credibility of the Bible by comparing it with religions that have passed away or proven to be nothing more than myth. Many homosexuals have invaded Christian churchs and have fought from within to subvert the truth. They claim to be Christian while claiming perversion is not sin. They sway our young people to partake in what they term "progressive thinking" claiming that those who hold to the truths of Scripture are out of step with the times. I am here as a witness however that God does not change with the times. Fornication, adultry,homosexual perversion are all still sins and to be shunned by God's people. God has not changed his mind. James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. A person cannot turn on a TV without being exposed to homosexual relatonships. Programs that are carefully designed to make people accept this perverted behavior as "Normal". Homosexual groups are fanaticly demanding special rights and entrance into organizations that have classicly stood against their aganda. They do not care to be boyscouts or ministers, they only care about infiltrating every vestige of Christian life so that no one can speak against them. Athiests attack Christianity with such vigor you would thing they not only truly believe in God but hate him. They attack no other belief system the way they express their hatred for all things Christian. Have you noticed that most well know comedians are hateful athiests? People Like Patton Oswald, Roseanne Barr, Louis C.K., the late George Carlin and so many others too numerous to mention here.The point of this rather terse diatribe is simply this. Beware of who it is you are listening to. They have an agenda. These entertainers do not just want to make you laugh anymore than the scientists want you to learn. They seek to program you to reject God, Jesus, and truth. The spirits that posess them seek your very soul and would steal it from you if you let them. Make no mistake you are in the midst of a war. The dark is spreading. Reject the testimony of these false witnesses and come back to the light. The time is short and the end does come soon. R.S. Neaville

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